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Voicing on Radio, Telly & Other Things...

To understand Alex’s extraordinary gift for turning all these squiggly whatjimmacallits on a page into clear, glorious, mind-altering vocal harmonics, one must turn back the clock.

Back to Alex’s childhood, where at an improbably early age she began to speak, and then, promptly forgot to stop. 

This unrelenting verbal expression, often misinterpreted by less generous people as a preternatural precociousness was in fact only shrewd preparation for Alex’s meteoric career as a professional voice-over artist.

The daily training of her vocal cords continued into her twenties and Alex was overheard by the Head of Production at Kiss FM London and a few cult jingles like Bam Bam's Breakfast later... well the rest is history

Before long, Alex’s beatifically buttery and hypnotically husky voice was being broadcast across the country from Radio & TV masts and so began the blossoming of a

vocal gob jobber.

And twenty years on, following a career that’s spanned national advertising campaigns, countless television promos for the UK’s biggest channels, station imaging for some of the biggest radio groups, documentary narration, corporate videos and sponsorship trails, it’s still almost impossible to shut her up.

Represented by the incomparable agency Another Tongue, Alex is based in Central London and has a fully equipped professional recording studio.

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